According to ZSW’s analysis in 2018, the number of electric vehicle selling has reached 3.2 million in the world(Note 1). EV market is growing rapidly, caused by hot topic of eco-conscious and carbon-reduction recently.

As one of supplier chain in Electric Vehicle, DEKRA iST sets up the Green Reliability Laboratory in Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2018 and provide s completely validation capability for Power Train products of EV. From the very beginning, DEKRA iST has implemented the concept of energy saving into facility design so as to make a contribution to society for becoming eco-conscious.

In order to satisfy EV consumers, there are 2 key factors for power train system, quickly charging and high endurance and these 2 factors will let EV companies move forward continuously. For example, Tesla Model 3 has a cruising range of 220 miles and only charging an hour by home charger can run 50 miles. It means that regardless of charging station or On-Board Charger(OBC), the highly charging efficiency is considered. The mainstream of OBC are both 3.6 Kw(Kilowatt) or 7.2 Kw.
From the experience of DEKRA iST, validation requests of automotive component are very severe, not only long duration operating life test, but also many kind of environmental stress. Especially for PowerTrain products, during validation tests, each device has to input fixed power to operate and monitor the output of voltage/current. It might take over 700,000 KWh electric power and estimated the power cost is around USD 100,000 for one validation project. It is really the huge money and violates the concept of energy saving.
Therefore, DEKRA iST takes action to solve the problem and invest the energy recycle system in order to convert the loading energy into input power. This action could save 70% power and deduct the power cost to USD 30,000.
<Fig 1. Energy Recycle System>

Besides energy recycle system, the Green Reliability Laboratory divides testing area and loading area in order to isolate the heat from loading equipment. The benefit is raise the efficiency of air conditioner and the power cost could be saved as well.
DEKRA iST keeps maintaining Green Laboratory philosophy, and try our best to consider environmental protection, energy saving, and green laboratory concept in facility design in order to protect Taiwan, the earth and build a beautiful environment.

Note 1: Number of Electric Cars Rises from 2 to Over 3 Million, 2018/2/15, By ZSW


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