In recent years, more automotive electronics have implemented in the vehicle, and the purchasing cost for OEMs increase to 40~50% of overall electronic products. 
Automotive electronics face the dynamic and mobility environment, and usually suffer the tough stress depending on the installed location. Furthermore, the acceptance criteria of automotive validation are really higher, and automotive electronics expect to pass various and hash environments in order to ensure their normal operation during the lifecycle.

 Different validation specification between each automotive OEMs 
Currently, various automakers in different countries have their own testing standards. For example, the ISO standard system is widely accepted by the automakers in Europe and US, while the requirements for Japanese automakers deviate significantly from the ISO standard. Therefore, to ensure they can meet minimum standards, the internal environmental standards of each automaker are usually stricter than those required by ISO. For the built-in products by the automaker, the manufacturers conduct tests as required by the associated automakers. For the add-on products, however, to meet market demand, manufacturers must have a full understanding of the related standards and corresponding requirements and set up projects accordingly for environmental tests with suitable conditions. 

※ Need to consider the below factors during validation tests: 
  • Geographic and climatic factors. 
  • Vehicle model. 
  • Voltage of power supply in vehicle. 
  • Operating conditions and modes. 
  • Life cycle of electronic equipment. 
  • Locations of electronic equipment in vehicle. 
  • The impact of human life/safety from electronic equipment (airbag and entertainment system).

 Localized and Professional Services 
Over the past few years, DEKRA iST has completed comprehensive tests for lots of projects with automotive manufacturers in electronics products, and offers reliability validation proposal, validation simulation, find out the weakness of product and failure analysis services.

 Comprehensive Validation Services 

(I) Electrical Performance(ISO 16750-2 / ISO 7637 / ISO 11452 / CISPR 25)
Includes DC, over voltage, AC voltage superposition, voltage ramp down/up, interruption of power supply, reverse voltage, open circuit test, short circuit protection, withstand voltage, insulation resistance, and EMC.

(II) Mechanical environmental test(ISO 16750-3)
Includes sinusoidal vibration, random vibration, mechanical shock, free fall. According to different test combinations are designed for equipment in business cars and passenger cars by the individual usage and locations of electronics products. The associated test conditions and limits are different.

(III) Climate environmental test(ISO 16750-4) 
Includes constant temperature test, variable temperature test, temperature cycle/shock test, ice water shock test, salt spray test, temperature and humdity cycle test, constant humidity test, corrosion test with mixed gases, and solar radiation test.

(IV) Chemical environmental test(ISO 16750-5)
Refers to the resistance to corrosion by the reagents of the original components in contact with regulated chemicals. The test is conducted by placing the product covered with the reagent at the designated temperature for 10 mins to 24 hours. Up to nearly 20 chemicals are used as reagents, including automotive diesel, automotive biodiesel, oil/unleaded gasoline, FAM test fuel, battery liquid, brake fluid, additive (undiluted), protection paint, and engine oil (various grades). The actual reagents can be determined by consulting with the associated automakers.

(V) Material Test
UV test, xenon light test, cross cut test, artificial sweat test, surface wear/scratch/hardness test and coating layer measurement, surface roughness test, flammability test, ozone test, solvent resistance test, chip stone test.

(VI) Automotive OEMs requirement
DEKRA iST is familiar with OEM specification, such as: GM 3172, GMW3191, SMTC 3800001, BMW GSS95003, VW80000, LV124, ES 90000-01/02/03/04, etc… and has lots of execution experience.
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